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"Food we Want" is online

Monday, 30 April 2012 16:14
It is already online the website of the Campaign "Food we want", fruit of the latest Oikos´ project of Education for Global Citizenship, Time to Seed, which aims to increase awareness, information and lobby for the promotion of small-scale agriculture, family farming and sustainable agrifood systems.

"Food we Want" is a campaign of awareness, information and advocacy to promote small-scale agriculture, family farming and sustainable agrifood systems as one of the best tools not only to directly combat hunger, but also as a decisive factor to solve other global problems such as poverty and climate change.


"Time to Seed" Project, funded by the European Union, is being implemented in 8 countries (Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania), with the aim of sharing ideas, promoting solutions and encouraging a common public debate about the present and future of food.


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  • 1A39 Time to Seed (2011-2015) Time to Seed is a project to raise information, awareness and lobby to promote small-scale family farming and sustainable agri-food systems as a key solution to tackling hunger, as well as addressing poverty and climate change issues.


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