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Oikos launches "Handbook on Biofuels and Family Agriculture in Developing Countries"

Thursday, 03 May 2012 10:52

Under the project Energizing Development, Oikos and other partners have launched the "Handbook on Biofuels and Family Agriculture in Developing Countries", a handbook on the production of biofuels in developing countries (focusing on family farms).

The Handbook is a key tool developed within the Project, representing a main asset for the general public and the specific stake holders living in developing countries around the world.


The Handbook covers a vast array of topics, focusing on oils and bio-diesel produced from crop plants growing in tropical and warm areas.


In the first part, a general description of plant characteristics, cycle and cropping technique is given for annual and perennial oil crops. The technology in the process of oil extraction, storage and eventual transformation into biodiesel is the second main area of the Handbook, with particular emphasis in the advantages and disadvantages in oils and biofuel use, and in the adherence to international standards. The third part of the Handbook covers the social, economic and environmental issues: the food vs. fuel controversy is addressed, and solution strategies are discussed. At last, the environmental drawbacks determined by biofuels are analysed through a Life Cycle Assessment approach, in order to indicate the least environmental impacting options.


Following the launch of this manual, a cycle of training will be held during the summer of 2012.


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Handbook on Biofuels and Family Agriculture in Developing Countries

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