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"Food We Want" Media Contest

Monday, 14 January 2013 11:29
The Food We Want project is inviting young people to participate in the Media Contest which awards 3750 Euro.

The FWW Media Contest was launched with the goal of turning young people to take a leading role in communicating the key function of food in building a more fair and sustainable future!




If you are between 18 and 26 years old you can win a paid internship or choose to attend a professional course in the communication sector of the maximum value of 3750 euro. The prize is not in cash: it is a sponsorship to help you in getting started with a career in the communication sector or to support your need for further studies.


To participate you just need to log in the Food We Want web site, visit the Media Contest page, read the Terms of Reference and upload your work.


The best post will be awarded, and they have to be written in response to one of the two outlines provided:



As a consequence of the 2007-2008 financial crisis and of the simultaneous food crisis, the number of malnourished in the world grew of 115 million people, drawing attention to the tragedy of poverty and hunger as plagues of our planet. Read more.



In several places small scale farmers face many difficulties in saving money and investing in their businesses. Across the world, both in rich and in poor countries, most small scale farmers are women, which face even greater challenges. Read more.


The post must be written in response to one of the articles that will be published on the web site the day of the contest start. Posts must be uploaded by Sunday the 28th of April. Afterwards the jury will meet to select the winners.

See the Project:

  • 1A39 Time to Seed (2011-2015) Time to Seed is a project to raise information, awareness and lobby to promote small-scale family farming and sustainable agri-food systems as a key solution to tackling hunger, as well as addressing poverty and climate change issues.


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