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Cruz Roja Peruana

Cruz Roja Peruana

A Cruz Roja Peruana nasceu em 1879, e tem como objectivo proteger a vida e a saúde e garantir o respeito pela pessoa humana. Promove a compreensão mútua, a amizade, a cooperação e a paz duradoura entre todos os povos.


Supported Projects:

  • Projecto Mitigação de riscos (2005-2006)

    The population of San Martín de Porres was in a vulnerable situation due to various limitations and deficiencies that required immediate solution. The main problems were the precarious and dangerous accesses to the area, causing accidents every day. The slope where is the settlement is unstable, which made the population very vulnerable in case of earthquake, rain or collapse. The actions undertaken in this project aimed at improving human settlement in a sensitive way, in order to protect themselves against disaster environment, ensuring new access to the area, with living conditions more worthy. In addition, initiatives sought to protect the families of possible rock falls, with works that could held up land in trouble of collapsing. The construction of barriers or embankments also sought to amortize the falling rocks, as well as the construction of control dams to prevent the effects of rain and possible landslides.


    Beneficiaries: 720 people (108 families)

    Start Date: Aug. 2005

    End Date: Feb.2006

  • 4D13 Programa de desenvolvimento integral para uma comunidade imigrante interna: Casario de Sta. Clara, Peru (2008-2010)

    This development project aimed to improve the living conditions of the population of Santa Clara, one of the poorest neighborhoods of the Pítipo District, in Peru. The families have substantially improved their economic conditions and now have access to adequate and quality health and education.


    The majority of the population of this community migrated in 1995 from mountainous areas to this coastal area in search of better living conditions. However, the lack of basic services and the scarcity of water resources hindered their growth and human development.The project was structured in three major pillars: Agriculture-livestock and Environment; Health and Education

  • Saneamento básico e gestão ambiental no assentamento de Martín de Porres, distrito de Comas, Lima (2005-2008)

    This program benefited 825 people, representing 130 families in S. Martín de Porres, Lima Province, population that was in a vulnerable situation and impacted by a number of shortcomings and limitations which demanded immediate solution, contributing to the socio-economic progress and poverty eradication. Thus, actions sought to promote community development and capacity building, as well as sanitation and improvement of health and environmental conditions.


    Beneficiaries: 825 people

    Start Date: Feb.2005

    End Date: Jun.2008


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