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Statement on Civil Society Participation in UN Processes related to Post 2015

Wednesday, 19 September 2012 10:56
A letter was drafted and sent to UN to demand conditions for the participation of civil society as not only a "cosmetic of democracy".

Several initiatives have been undertaken to discuss the next steps and guidelines that underpinUnited Nations' and its various agencies' Agenda of Development 'post-2015', the date on which the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) should be met. The participation of civil society in this process is crucial.


The first step in this direction was at the Rio + 20 Summit, when the Sustainable Development Goals were defined as possible successors of the MDGs. But work continues.


Oikos´ report published on September 6th has already mentioned that the United Nations is preparing a Development Agenda post-2015, which will replace the Millennium Development Goals. Thus, UN created a panel of advisors and announced the possibility of holding a Summit on Sustainable Development in 2014 or 2015.


The UN secretariat is already moving around the development agenda. One of the initiatives was the creation of a task force comprised of 50 departments and agencies of the United Nations, which produced a report at the end of June, about what the UN system considers that it may be the new Development Agenda. Moreover, the UN has established that it would hold national consultations to 50 countries and 9 thematic consultations. These consultations, as it is already planned, should primarily include Civil Society.


The CIVICUS World Assembly met and invited other international networks (including the GCAP that Oikos is part and representative in Portugal). This meeting aimed to study these official UN documents concerning the construction process of the post-2015 and assess the extent to which civil society is effectively included, auscultated and taken seriously to the extent that its proposals are included in the final decisions.


See here the letter sent to the UN, signed by CIVICUS, GCAP and Beyond 2015, in which they highlight the necessity of working together to bring the next steps. Many other organizations that were not able to attend the Assembly of CIVICUS, were later invited to endorse the letter and they did it.


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