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Oikos – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento (Cooperation and Development) is a Portuguese non-governmental organisation whose goal is worldwide development. To this end, we work with communities in the poorest regions and countries regardless of their geographical location.

We believe, first and foremost, in a world where there is no poverty and no injustice, and where human development can be equitable and sustainable on a local and global scale.
From Emergencies to Development, Education, Social Mobilisation and Public Influence, Oikos’s work currently encompasses Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Peru and Portugal

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We are sympathetic, supportive citizens who are fully aware of the role that global citizenship plays in promoting the fair and just eradication of extreme poverty and the reduction of inequalities (both economic and in knowledge) that are typical of the global reality.  

Founded in Portugal on the 23rd of February 1988, Oikos – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento is a non-profit-making association internationally recognised as an International Non-governmental Organisation (INGO).

We join forces and share responsibilities with the different social players to facilitate solutions aimed at guaranteeing everyone’s right to live their life with dignity.

Our activity is structured as a continuum in the areas of emergencies/humanitarian action, development/sustainable life and mobilisation/global citizenship.


Get to know our work through a publication prepared with the support of CESA - Studies Center for Africa, Asia and Latin America




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