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Here are our shared values

Sustainable development implies a balance in the opportunities and conditions that make it possible for everyone to live their life in dignity, within a single generation (intra-generational equity) or across the generations (inter-generational equity), regardless of their nationality, race, creed, gender, political affinities and physical, social, economic and cultural condition.
We promote social, economic, cultural and gender equity as being vital conditions if the human rights of present and future generations are to be asserted.

Freedom and Leadership
The responsible promotion of development presupposes that peoples are autonomous, free protagonists, capable of influencing the powers in office.
We are openly receptive to the values, aspirations and initiatives of the different peoples, independently of any political, financial or religious institution. The most important factors for their success are the training and entrepreneurship of the organisations and local community leaders.

Cooperation with a view to sustainable human development is not an obligation reserved exclusively for governments; rather, it is a right and a duty of civil society.
We bring together sympathetic, supportive citizens to build a better world.

Exercising global citizenship means recognising that peoples are becoming increasingly dependent upon each other. Governments, companies, organised civil society and citizens worldwide must assume the responsibility and costs of the impact that their production and consumption patterns are making on the planet.
We make it possible for citizens to assume their ethical commitment to promoting sustainable human development on a local and global scale.

Knowledge and Innovation
Designing strategies to eradicate poverty is a complicated business that implies developing a “culture of innovation, enablement and creation of knowledge” by means of an integrated system of partnerships with the public and private players, involving knowledge networks and the universities. We are “solution facilitators”, boosters of the integration of wills, resources, skills, methodologies and tools that will allow the achievement of sustainable impacts, learning and replicability.

Transparency and accountability
The promotion of sustainable human development calls for high standards of commitment, quality and transparency.
All our work is conducted scrupulously and transparently, with an attitude of honesty and impartiality in all internal and external communications, promoting a “culture of reporting and accountability” by answering to our direct beneficiaries, partners, financial backers and civil society.
Every assessment is seen as a process of learning and continuous improvement.


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