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Oikos is an association and is therefore governed by a General Assembly and the statutes it defines. The Assembly elects the following governing bodies for 3-year terms of office: the Chair of the General Assembly, the Management Board and the Supervisory Committee.

The composition of the elected governing bodies is as follows:

Chair of the General

      President: Fernando Moita

      Secretary: Joana Sofia da Costa Dias Diogo
      Member: António Eusébio



Supervisory Committee

President: Jorge Oliveira Pinto 

Secretary: Maria Teresa Paulo da Fonseca 

Member: Serge Cazemajou

Board of Directors

President: João José Nunes Fernandes 

Member: Rui Miguel Mendes Domingos 

Member: Maria Luísa de Oliveira Nunes Pegado
Member: Vitor Manuel Lontrão Carola 

The association’s executive management is undertaken by the management board whose responsibility is integrated management using the sustainable development and continuous improvement model. Specifically, their tasks include designing, planning, reviewing and guaranteeing the execution of strategic plans, activity plans, budgets, human resources and shared services, after they have been validated by the Board of Directors. They also draw up management reports, and reports of activities and accounts for approval by the Board of Directors.

In its current format, the management board comprises:

  • An executive general director who coordinates the management board and is a full member of the Board of Directors. Responsibilities include liaison between the management structure and the governing bodies, official representation, strategic management of fundraising and joint responsibility for strategic, financial and operational management with the directors in charge of each particular field;
  • An operations director in charge of the operational management, supervising the functioning of the programmes and projects in the fields of humanitarian action, sustainable life and global citizenship;
  • A a development director, who is responsible for: strategic planning, management and change of the professionalization process, management of oikos' management integrated system and, as far as shared services, human resource management, quality, innovation, and communication. It is also responsible for representing Oikos with international organizations that Oikos is a party;
  • An administrative and financial director in charge of: the strategic planning of administration and finance, the organisation’s financial management, the management of the shared administrative and financial services at the head office and branch offices, and coordination with the accounting and auditing services provided by external service providers.

The members of the management board are:

General Executive Director: João José Nunes Fernandes

Operations Director: Ricardo Domingos

Development Director: Pedro Krupenski

Financial Director: Rafael Drummond


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