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A series of useful work suggestions and proposals to help develop educational activities.

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Themed Workbooks – One World, One Future

A set of five theoretical/practical workbooks that take a different look at the north/south relationship, and which make specific suggestions for work based around each theme.
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Hand in Hand - 5 Let’s Pretend Games

Five suggestions for primary schoolchildren’s activities to help them better understand the value of helping people in different countries.
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CD Songs from around the Globe

A music CD containing children’s songs from Italy, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Finland, Holland, France, China, Spain, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Turkey and Chile.
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CD Sing-along Songs from around the World

A music CD containing children’s songs from Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Mozambique, Peru and Portugal. The songs have been translated into Portuguese and repeated with only the instrumentals so the children can sing in “playback”.
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