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Manifest on European Humanitarian Aid

In December 2006, through a conference process with international stakeholders, the European Union started a debate about the key components of the European Framework for Humanitarian Aid, taking the first step in a process that will provide the foundations for the broad lines that will define the future policy of Humanitarian Aid in Europe.

Trade for Development, sf.f.

The agricultural issue has been highlighted on the Doha Development Agenda in World Trade Organization (WTO) that takes place in Hong Kong 13-18 December. Equally important are the negotiations on Non Agricultural Market Access (NAMA). As in agriculture, the needs and interests of the poorest countries are far from being respected.

International Trade Report 2005

International trade is very ill, but there is still hope. Within the 6th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO), to be held from today until the 16th in Hong Kong, Oikos publishes two reports on justice in international trade. At this summit very important decisions will be made for the development of the poorest countries, such as the liberalization of international trade, among others.

Social Watch Report 2005

The international network of nongovernmental organizations, Social Watch - represented in Portugal by Oikos - presents its Annual Report 2005 on September 14th at the Summit of the United Nations' Millennium + 5 ", in New York. Under the title "Gritos e Murmúrios. Género e Pobreza: Promessas Vs. Acção" it includes two new indexes for measuring social development, and concludes that the targets set for 2015 in the framework of the Millennium Development Goals will not be accomplished.
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