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Tuesday, 24 July 2012 14:36
This is our conclusion on the decision made in Maputo on July 20, by the Heads of State and Government of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), on the application of Equatorial Guinea to become a full member of this community, which was denied.

On July 20, at the Conference of Heads of State and Government of the CPLP, the entrance of Equatorial Guinea as a full member of the CPLP was denied. This was the main goal of the campaign led by the movement "Towards a Community of Values", which has been ongoing since June 11, and had a petition open to all citizens who shared this same desire of full respect for Human Rights. The mention to this issue is present in the final document of the summit, which was approved under the name of Maputo Declaration (in portuguese).


Paragraph 14 of section 6 of the Maputo Declaration refuse membership and encourages Equatorial Guinea to engage in the necessary conditions for the respect of those principles and to the effective and integrated adoption of the Portuguese language. The principles and values enshrined in the Statute of the CPLP prevail, to which the movement "Towards a community of values" referred by the petition. It called, for example, that the potential subscribers "do not let the oil speak louder than the dignity of the weakest, adding their voices to the call, by signing the petition." All these voices, from Brazil to East-Timor, through Equatorial Guinea itself, joined and triumphed.


Among the facts that encouraged the creation of this petition, were the countless human rights violations that are still occurring in Equatorial Guinea, such as: maintenance and application of death penalty; daily political persecution; lack of freedom of expression and association; maintenance of a court system completely dependent on political power, and whose leaders maintain a lifestyle of infamous opulence, in contrast to a population that, overwhelmingly, survive on less than two dollars a day, in the country with the highest GDP per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa.


It would be, indeed, an insult to the principles of CPLP to enshrine this regime, at the precisely same time the French court issued a European arrest warrant against the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodorin Obiang Mengue, for crimes related to the use of public funds.


However, the promotion of values over the movement "Towards a Community of Values" is not over here. We address a letter to the leaders of CPLP welcoming the decision, but urging them to adopt four new measures that, once completed, make it more difficult to breach of the principles and values defended by CPLP. See the four points: .


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