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We will continue to pursue the establishment of this institution in all parts of the world

Tuesday, 07 August 2012 14:30
Events in Rio+20, hold in June, showed that an institution like this is all the more needed.

The Right to the Future Campaign was opened for signature collection between 20 February and the Conference of Rio (Rio +20), June 22, appealing the establishment of the Ombudspersons for Future Generations, a concept that those in power should make informed decisions in the interests of both our generation and those yet to be born.


An Ombudsperson for Future Generations would provide an independent, impartial role to oversee all the different areas where decisions are made that have an impact on future generations. Through looking beyond election cycles and quarterly business cycles, future interests would take precedence over the here and now. A broader view of the interdependent nature of the challenges we face demands taking an integrated approach to our responses. An Ombudsperson for Future Generations is able to look at all areas and encourage decision makers to act more coherently across all sectors, and to look at what is really important for the long term, to build a better quality of life for all.


An Ombudsperson would encourage public participation and engagement, listening to the concerns of citizens. Their office would liaise closely with independent institutes and look to external expertise on how to address sustainable development issues, exploring and advising on the difficult choices that must be made in considering and acting to make sure we choose the best solutions for today and for the future. He or she would be an individual with the leadership skills, moral authority and vision to help set an agenda in which the needs of future generations are considered alongside present interests.


Events in Rio+20 showed that an institution like this is all the more neededDespite the unprecedented support for this proposal, many governments were unable to overcome the short-term orientation of policy making and to agree to this proposal. Instead the UN Secretary General has been invited to present a report to consider how to take into account the needs of future generations.


Our work will continue. We will be working to maintain key priority for this report to ensure it promotes and expands this important agenda. Meanwhile, we will continue to pursue the establishment of this institution in all parts of the world, nationally, regionally and locally.


More information on the campaign can be found at .


The Right to the Future Campaign was promoted jointly by OikosWorld Future Council and terre des hommes .


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