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Your generosity is essential for Oikos to develop its activity.


For you, a euro may be just a euro, but for Oikos, it’s a big deal.


For Oikos, and for many regions in the world, a euro is so much more than just a euro: it’s an essential contribution for real-life projects – building schools and hospitals, planting crops, digging wells. Projects that last, and that serve as a springboard for sustainable development for thousands of people.

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  • Campaign in Haiti

    Campaign in Haiti

    On the 12th of January 2010, Haiti was hit by the country’s strongest earthquake in the last 200 years. Over 220,000 people died, 300,000 were injured and over a million were left homeless.

Oikos has worked in the field since the very first moment, building and fitting dwellings with domestic kits and kitchens, creating sanitary installations and access to drinking water, and taking part in preventative measures against cholera.

    Two micro-construction-industries were also created with recourse to recycled rubble.

    This Oikos action has benefited 3.600 people.

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Todos queremos e todos temos direito a uma vida digna. Porém, há ainda no mundo demasiadas pessoas que vivem em pobreza extrema, abaixo do limiar da dignidade humana. Não deixe que isso aconteça.

O seu donativo permite que a Oikos possa continuar a desenvolver a sua atividade junto das comunidades das regiões e países mais pobres, promovendo a saúde pública, alimentação, água, saneamento e educação.

Contamos consigo!

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Free Aid

Decide what the Government should do with 0.5% of your income tax!

Every taxpayer can “donate” part of the income tax they pay on their tax return. Known as tax consignment, this option does not imply costs or losses for you: the 0.5% is taken from the total tax the Government collects from you and not from the amount that will be returned to you if you qualify for a tax rebate.


This means you’ll be channelling 0.5% of the income tax you pay into a real effort to reduce poverty and help improve conditions in areas such as health, nutrition, drinking water and education, allowing people to live in greater dignity. So you see... you can give a helping hand FREE!


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