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Right to the Future

The Right to the Future Campaign was opened for signature collection between 20 February and the Conference of Rio (Rio +20), June 22. 
In conjunction with Terre des Hommes and The World Future Council, the petition proposed to have an ombudsman appointed to give voice to the interests and rights of future generations.


The petition adressed that the Rio+20 Conference should not be simply one more occasion when vain promises shunt responsibility aside for another 20 years.


"We want it to lead to a serious commitment by world leaders to create the figure of an Ombudsman at regional, national and international levels, to defend the rights and interests of future generations. We want Future Generations to be acknowledged as Right-Holders and, as such, the sanctioning of the right to the future as a human right. Speak out in favour of those who are unable to do so for themselves, to defend a life of dignity and a healthy planet with resources for us, our children, our grandchildren and the generations to come."

About the Campaign:

The way in which economic development has been carried out over the last 20 years, despite the commitments made with regard to sustained development at the 1992  “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro, has created a marked divide between rich and poor, and asymmetries between social and human development and strictly economic growth, as well as causing irreversible harm to the environment. The current global economic and financial crisis clearly shows that the decisions of a few, contrary to the commitments made, have generated harmful consequences for peoples’ lives in a very short space of time. If there had been an Ombudsman who could have prevented certain measures from being taken because they would adversely affect access to certain rights by future generations unable to defend themselves as yet, perhaps none of the results we see today, 20 years after the concept of sustainable development was adopted, would have happened.


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