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My world campaign – United Nations global research for a better world

In preparation for the post-2015 framework for development, the United Nations launched the My World Campaign, a global online survey to all citizens in order to know their opinion, their priorities and points of view, so that global leaders can hear their voices when they start the process of defining the new global development agenda to end poverty.

Considering the importance of this initiative, Oikos joined it as a partner and wants to hear the opinion of Portuguese citizens about the choice of priorities for a better world. The results will be shared with world leaders in the setting of the next global development agenda.


Among 16 options, participants can choose 6 priorities that in their opinion, can make a bigger difference in their lives and in society in general. Moreover, in the international website The World We Want, it is possible to actively participate in a global conversation and debate about the post-2015 period. In addition to the possibilities of choice, it is also possible to suggest one priority that doesn't appear on the list.


The sixteen questions were created from priorities expressed by low-income people, in researches about the Millennium Development Goals, with issues related to sustainability, safety, governance and transparency. From January 2013 until 2015, the My World Campaign pretends to involve the largest possible number of people and countries: citizens of all ages, genders, origins and particularly the low-income and marginalized communities of the world.


The results will be submitted, firstly, to the High Level Panel for the post-2015, and will be shared with the United Nations Secretary General and global leaders, as they prepare the next development agenda for the year 2015.


My World Campaign was developed by United Nations, World Wibe Web Foundation, Institute of International Development and Ipsos MORI, with the support of partners from all around the world.


See here all the information about the My World Campaign and mark your preferences for building a better world!

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