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Together for Equality: no one gets left behind!

During one month, from 15th September to 20th October, the International Day of Democracy and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty respectively, the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) invites citizens from all around the world to unite to demand change.

Real and transformative changes that our world urgently needs.


"We believe there is a need for a paradigm shift, a profound structural transformation that will overcome the obstacles to a sustained prosperity", said the High Level Panel of UN about post-2015.


We agree.


The mobilization month will bring together people who share this vision and who believe that inequality is the main obstacle to sustainable prosperity for all.


The actions can focus on a specific topic - such as income inequality or water and sanitation access - or in a set of various topics, but always with the focus on reducing inequality, because "no one gets left behind"!


This mobilization for equality is being organized by a wide range of civil society organizations that are working to hold governments and the United Nations accountable, so that the promises made in the Millennium Development Goals are still met. Also requires that the post-2015 Development Agenda provides the basis of change for the transformation that the world so desperately needs.


In you can find more information as well as ways of participation.


Join and follow the actions worldwide!


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