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In September, heads of state from all around the world will gather in New York in a historic conference on climate change. With our future at stake, we will devote a weekend – 20th and 21st September 2014 - to change the course of history with the "People's Climate Mobilization".

We need to act together. Worldwide, thousands of people will be gathered for a weekend of climate action that will go down in history. We need actions, not words: to take the necessary actions to create a world with an economy that works for people and the planet – now.

We, European citizens, want the European Commission to propose a special plan for sustainable development and employment, by boosting the European economy and help in creating new jobs.


Join the new European Citizens' Initiative "NEW DEAL 4 EUROPE" by signing an online petition that wants Europe to promote sustainable development and employment.

"We are still waiting" is a campaign of Education for development and global citizenship, focused on issues such as Sexual and Reproductive Health, Social Justice, Gender and Opportunities Equality and based on Human Rights.


An awareness and action campaign that starts from a warning call to the profound discrimination and inequality situations that still continue to exist in any part of the world and to which we cannot stay indifferent nor wait for the time and mentality change, to fix it.

A tax that helps fighting world's poverty... yes, please! Wherever you are, your voice and your click can turn the Financial Transaction Tax into reality.


The creation and application of a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) have been discussed at an international level for several years, not only within UE, but also the UN and the G20. The idea is to create a financial transaction tax on a global scale that contributes to help the most affected countries by the financial instability.

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