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During one month, from 15th September to 20th October, the International Day of Democracy and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty respectively, the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) invites citizens from all around the world to unite to demand change.
In preparation for the post-2015 framework for development, the United Nations launched the My World Campaign, a global online survey to all citizens in order to know their opinion, their priorities and points of view, so that global leaders can hear their voices when they start the process of defining the new global development agenda to end poverty.

The United Nations already recognized the universal right to water and sanitation as fundamental factors for the achievement of all human rights. Now is up to the European Union to guarantee that right to all its citizens and promote that right all over the world.


The campaign "Right to Water" will be the first European Citizens' Initiative (ECI). Oikos supported this endeavour right from the start, because measures like this guarantee a sustainable development and the respect for the interests and rights for future generations, as we already defend, for e.g., in our "Right to the Future" campaign.

A civic movement bringing together NGOs from different portuguese speakers countries, including Oikos, launched on 11th of June a Campaign against the entrance of Equatorial Guinea to the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP).


The country, one of the most brutal dictatorships in Africa, aims to be accepted as a full member of the CPLP in the annual summit, scheduled for July 20 in Maputo, Mozambique.

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