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Spreading the Oikos message is a great way of collaborating! Here you’ll find some ways to learn more about Oikos’ work and to pass on the message to everyone around you.


Don’t hold back!




Apresentaao Oikos PPT

Presentation Oikos

Flyer Institucional Oikos

Institutional Flyer Oikos




Cartaz prevenao de catstrofes

Disaster Prevention

Cartaz seguranaa alimentar

Food Safety

Cartaz gua e saneamento

Water and Sanitation

Cartaz Ambiental


Cartaz consumo responsvel

Responsible Consumption

Cartaz educaao e mobilizaao

Education and mobilization


Oikos Logo


Logotipo Oikos branco

Oikos White Logo

Logotipo Oikos preto

Oikos Black Logo


Eu sou fã!


Banner Eu sou f da Oikos no Facebook

I'm a Fan of Oikos!