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When you buy a charitable gift from Oikos you’re contributing to real-life works and projects that include building schools, planting crops and digging wells. Projects that last, and that serve as a springboard for sustainable development for thousands of people.

In exchange for your donation, a voucher to the corresponding value will be sent to you electronically, helping save costs and protect the environment. If you prefer, however, we can also send you a voucher by mail, at a surcharge of €1 on the cost of your gift, so that you can give it to a relative or friend.


A present for the world, a present for your loved ones. What could be better than that?

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Give an Emergency Kit

In an emergency you need act efficiently to ensure fast initial support for disaster victims.
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Support a Family for a Year

It really doesn’t cost a lot to help. This gift will help make an Oikos-supported family less vulnerable for a whole year.
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Turn a House into a Healthy Home

Air quality is fundamental factor in the prevention of respiratory diseases.
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Build a Sustainable Kitchen

Help us build better kitchens in poor families’ homes, with efficient ovens that serve two purposes.
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Renovate a Dwelling

A natural disaster can sometimes totally destroy hundreds, or even thousands, of dwellings.
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