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The European Parliament adopts the written declaration on development education and active global citizenship

Thursday, 05 July 2012 13:28

On July 5th, the European Parliament has officially adopted the written declaration on development education and active global citizenship, co-tabled by MEP Filip Kaczmarek, Catherine Grèze , Fiona Hall, Maria Badia I Cutchet and Michael Gahler.

After an intense 4 months campaign, the European Parliament adopts the written declaration on development education and global active citizenship, signed by 398 MEP.


The declaration, which promotes the strengthening of development education policies, both at national and European level represents a paramount political milestone for the development education sector.


The very positive response of the European Parliament follows a strong campaign lead by CONCORD (European NGO confederation for Relief and Development) and DEEEP (Developing Europeans´ Engagement for the Eradication of Global Poverty), and sets the frame for new political debates on the role of European citizens within development.


There are some facts that may explain the importance of adopting this Declaration, such as:


» Although several member states have already adopted a national strategy on development education, a high number of countries is still missing one, or has not fully implemented it yet (

» The EU is one of the most significant funders of DEAR in Europe with €30million coming through EuropeAid, and yet, there is still no explicit strategy on development education (DEEEP: DEAR matters: Strategic approaches to development education in Europe).


MEP Filip Kaczmarek declared that "development education plays a key role in the eradication of poverty and the promotion of sustainable development. It strengthens the support to the active engagement of citizens in local and global level to promote justice, human rights, and sustainable development".


The adoption of this written declaration is one more relevant step towards strengthening the awareness of European citizens with regards to development.


More information: .


Source: CONCORD.


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