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Starting date: Nov.2010

Ending date: Dec.2011


Development of cyclone-resistant models in the districts of Angoche and Mogincual

In March 2008, cyclone Jokwe affected 201,600 people in Mozambique. The provinces of Nampula and Zambezia were badly hit by 200km/h winds and severe flooding. In Nampula, the worst affected area, health centres, 159 classrooms and 40,158 houses were destroyed.


The aim of this initiative is to identify and test innovative small-scale interventions to protect against cyclones. By taking a participative approach and increasing capacity at local level in areas vulnerable to disasters in the districts of Mogincual and Angoche in the Province of Nampula, it is hoped that such initiatives can be divulged and conditions readied for the possibility of a repeat occurrence in the future.


Here are some of main activities undertaken:

» Construction of 18 public shelters in 9 communities;

» 18 family representatives are trained in the construction of shelters and houses that are more cyclone-resistant;

» Training of instructors to teach people how to build and rehabilitate houses that are more cyclone-resistant, encouraging micro-credit drives;
» Information, Education and Communication Sessions on disaster preparedness.


This project is financed by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme - UN HABITAT.


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