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Emergency project for the areas of Apurimac and Ayacucho affected by cold wave and snow storm: Needs mitigation and increased capacity for disaster management (2004-2005)

During the month of June 2004, an exceptional cold wave affected rural communities in the departments of Apurimac and Ayacucho. This phenomenon has aggravated the poverty situation in a already impoverished area, making hard the access to communities, preventing the development of traditional agricultural and commercial activities and determining the death of a large number of cattle.


This situation strongly limited local agricultural production (main economic activity of the area) and threatened the food security of the affected population. This Rehabilitation project aimed to contribute to mitigate the damage caused by the cold snap and snow storms in three districts in the province of Apurimac, Grau and Cotabambas and 3 districts in the province of Sucre in Ayacucho in Peru. For this, the actions aimed rebuilding the productive capacity and animal breeding of the families affected by cold wave and snow storm, through the action of humanitarian aid and the organization and / or strengthening of risk management of local organizations, using the Civil Protection Committees.


Beneficiaries: 5,594 people (1,243 families)

Start Date: Oct.2004

End Date: Apr.2005


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