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Emergency food security and recovery of livelihoods for families affected by the cyclone and floods in Central Mozambique (2008-2009)

This project sought to contribute to a better humanitarian food security emergency and the recovery of sustainable ways of life / livelihoods for the families affected by floods and cyclones in Central Mozambique. In order to do so, we sought to restore the productive capacities to the farmers by providing quick access to agricultural inputs and equipment for planting and fishing. In addition, technical guidance has been provided to reduce the effect of damage of future cyclones and floods. Thus, the actions aimed at increasing agricultural and fishery yields to the households affected; increasing the ability to store, preserve and maximize the nutritional benefits of the beneficiary families; and strengthen local capacity to mitigate the effects of future natural disasters on food security.3


Beneficiaries: 1,080 students and 5,368 families

Start Date: Nov.2008

End Date: Jul.2009


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