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Programa de reabilitação e desenvolvimento de habitações no município de Trinidad (2004-2005)

Sancti Spiritus was one of the 11 provinces which suffered the most with the passing of hurricane Dennis.


In addition to all the structural damage caused by this natural phenomenon, one should emphasise the immeasurable psychological and social damages suffered by the affected populations, having lost their homes, assets and jobs and having to be dislocated to collective refuges, where only minimum accommodation and privacy conditions were offered.    


The mission was reduce the negative impact of hurricane Dennis passage on the population and rehabilitate the roofs on the houses in the rural district of Trinidad (Province of Sancti Espiritus) which were totally destroyed during hurricane Dennis.


The results: Reconstruction of totally damaged roofs by hurricane Dennis in 304 houses of the rural district of Trinidad and reintegration of the beneficiary population in the 304 rehabilitated houses.


This project benefited 2.004 people.


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