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Support the resettlement of people affected by floods in the Zambezi Valley - ECHO - Zambezia - Mozambique floods (2007-2008)

Morrumbala and Muturara Districts, respectively in the provinces of Zambezia and Tete, were the ones that took the worst hit by the floods that happen in Mozambique in February 2007 and left 285,000 people homeless and / or without livelihoods.


In December 2007, the water level of the Zambezi and Shire rivers rose again and caused further flooding. According to data from the National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC – portuguese acronym), most of the 285,000 people affected by floods in early 2007 were again affected in late 2008.


This project aimed to contribute to mitigating the effects of floods in rural communities in the Zambezi river valley by supporting the resettlement of the population, and improving sustainable access to water and food. In addition, the beneficiary families increased their food production, and local capacity was strengthened to mitigate future flooding.


We performed an Emergency Campaign in Portugal and with the support of the Portuguese population, were raised € 10,546 for this project.


Some of the main activities are:


»Construction of wells in areas of resettlement.

»Installation of pedal water pumps.

»Construction of drainage canals and manual wells in lowlands.

»Distribution of agricultural materials.

»Distribution of fruit trees.

»Technical Capabilities in agriculture and horticulture.

»Introduction of techniques for processing and preservation of food.

»Training in management and mitigation of natural disasters.

»Erosion control of the areas affected by the floods.

»Training in prevention of natural disaster risk in schools.


Beneficiaries: 4,000 families

Start Date: Jul. 2007

End Date: Set.2008


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