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Starting date: Nov.2009

Ending date: Oct.2012


Energizing Development: Rethinking energy from the grassroots (2009-2012)

Economic growth based on sustainable development is one of the major challenges facing contemporary society. In such a scenario, matters related to energy gain ever-increasing importance and are a growing concern for all of us. The search for alternative energy sources and the reduction of traditional ones, together with the fight against climate change, have driven biofuels to the top of the global agenda.


The Energising Development project seeks to find models for the sustainable exploitation of biofuels and give voice and visibility to the positions and interests of the populations of developing countries in this global debate on access to energy and the production of biofuels.


The investment in biofuels constitutes a very interesting economic opportunity for small farmers and transformation enterprises aimed at domestic markets and for own use. However, they may also constitute a threat and a challenge to local and global food safety in the event that they open the way to exploitation by entities who, targeting the export market, act in predatory fashion, ignoring the social and environmental impacts in the developing countries.


The primary goals of this project are therefore: to inform the new generation and make them aware of matters related to development, the fight against poverty and protection of the environment; to promote cooperation between civilian society, local authorities and institutions in Europe and developing countries; to contribute to the debate on the matter of biofuels, attempting to understand not only their potential but also the disadvantages they may bring to developing countries; to encourage fairer relationships at all levels between countries worldwide on the basis of the common interest in environmental protection and energy saving.


Co-financed by the European Commission, this project is being undertaken in partnership with: GVC - Gruppo Volontariato Civile (consortium leader); Fraunhofer Gesellschaft; ALMA RO; TERRA Mileniul III; Transilvania Ecological Club; ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - Università di Bologna; FETRAF - Federação dos Trabalhadores na Agricultura Familiar (Federation of Workers in Family Farming); and Gobierno de Santa Fe.


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