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Nº of Beneficiaries: 269.580 people

Starting date: Mar.2010

Ending date: Feb.2013


(En)Forced and (Un)Equal – Against Human Trafficking and Labour Exploitation (2009-2013)

This is an Oikos project in Portugal to inform, train and make civilian society aware of the violation of fundamental rights in situations associated with the phenomena of human trafficking, discrimination and labour trafficking connected to gender vulnerability, especially in migrant populations and within the most vulnerable communities in northern Portugal, particularly the regions of Ave and Entre Douro e Vouga.


One of the priorities of this project is to boost the organisational capacity of entities in civilian society and endow their members with the skills and knowledge they need to act by designing and divulging instructive, educational and technical materials about the subject.


In parallel, it is also essential to act within the most vulnerable communities, attenuating the clear lack of information that they possess about their basic rights, and promote their access to the legal mechanisms in place for their protection and to combat both the trafficking and the exploitation of manpower, boosting the empowerment of these communities and the effective exercising of citizenship by their members.


Within the scope of the work being undertaken on Education for Global Citizenship, this project is being undertaken in Portugal by Oikos' Northern Branch as part of the Programa Operacional do Potencial Humano (Human Potential Operational Programme - POPH), with the Comissão para a Igualdade de Género (Commission for Gender Equality – CIG) as intermediary management body.



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