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Oikos delivery 6000 chickens in Nicaragua

Monday, 25 March 2013 17:02
In the department of Jinotega, one of the influence's area of the project "Local low cost Initiatives for the Sustainable Production of Creole Birds", the food insecurity situation is very serious. Local agricultural production is slightly varied, limited and often insufficient to feed families. The diet of the rural population is unbalanced, relying mainly on the consumption of grains, such as corn, beans and rice. The consumption of animal protein, an important component in physical and mental development for children and youth, in contrast, is very low.

The bird and, in particular, the chicken is an animal whose consumption and education is deeply rooted in the culture of rural Nicaragua, presenting itself as a source of animal protein. Additionally its access is easy via eggs and meat. However, and despite many rural families have some chickens reared by women in their yards, rarely their performance is sufficient to meet the basic needs of animal protein for the whole family.


In March 2013, under the project, 6.000 Creole Birds of first quality were distributed to 1.000 families in the communities. The distribution of Creole Birds and the training in management of poultry, will improve the yield characteristics of the chickens to increase a sustainable production. The knowledge adquired will also be shared with other families, thus contributing to the reduction of food insecurity for thousands of families in Jinotega.

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