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Nº of beneficiaries: 80.026 people

Starting date: Sep. 2012

Ending date: Aug. 2016


Banana sector sustainability as a contribution to poverty reduction in the Piura region

Over recent years, Peru had high macroeconomic growth and good performance in agriculture landholding export, however, many small farmers in rural areas have not been benefiting from this growth. However, there are some agricultural groups that offer profitable foreign markets and provide facilities for the development and coordination of small farmers living in poverty and in rural areas, for example, the niches of fair trade.


One of the areas where this situation has been observed is that of Piura, where the production of organic bananas has had the highest growth rates.


For some time, Oikos in Peru has been supporting and promoting the production of organic banana, providing an increased income and greater stability for beneficiaries' families. Now, it proposes to improve the quality of life and reduce the poverty of producers, workers and communities in Piura region through sustainable development of the banana sector.


This project will benefit 19,000 small farmers, 24,400 employees, 36,600 people indirectly linked to the industry of banana production and 26 technicians and employees of municipal and regional authorities.


Specific Objectives:

»Create a platform for various private actors that contribute to policies, coordination of programs and actions for sustainability of the banana sector, the conservation of the environment and poverty reduction;

»Improve the capacity and performance of banana producer associations in banana productive sustainability and trade and in their development programs;

» Strengthen the capacities of local authorities to contribute to the sustainability of the banana sector and the impact on populations;

»Promoting the leadership of the sustainable banana sector to improve the competitiveness of Peruvian banana in international trade and influence other agricultural sectors.


Expected results at the end of the project are:


»Associations of banana producers, municipal and regional authorities, NGOs, private companies and government agencies participate actively on a platform in order to contribute to the sustainability of banana, environmental conservation and poverty reduction;

»City officials strengthened to the orderly and rational use of land and water, effective waste management, infrastructure development and poverty reduction;

»Increase in the certified and sustainable banana trade, with results documented and reported prominently.


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