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Starting date: May.2013

Ending date: Dec.2016


The Brooke

"The Brooke" wanted to start activities in Nicaragua and Oikos, through its delegation and deep knowledge of the country, was its gateway to Central America. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Central America, with many horses and donkeys working for the transport of goods and people. Although there are affordable veterinary services in most towns and villages, they have been of poor quality.


This partnership will be the start of a pilot project that will focus on training and engaging owners and users of equines to improve the quality of local service provision and to create the foundations for advocacy on their use, in the country.


The Brooke acts as partner of Oikos to implement the project, ensuring the necessary funds to hire local staff and to administrative, financial and logistics management of the pilot phase. This is taking place in the areas of Rivas, Masaya and Managua.


Oikos is proud to have been chosen for this partnership, complementing its intervention in the country and aiming for a local community development in a more sustained and comprehensive manner.


We believe that these partnerships, between complementary organizations, are a solution to achieve synergies in the management of ever scarce resources and, hence, to maximize the impact of their activities.


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Realização de avaliações de bem-estar na Nicarágua.  The Brooke

Conducting assessments of well-being in Nicaragua. © The Brooke


Um homem leva o seu cavalo para um centro Brooke de inspeção e bem-estar animal em San Andres de Mateare Nicarágua.  The Brooke

A man leads his horse into a Brooke inspection center and animal welfare in San Andres de Mateare, Nicaragua. © The Brooke


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