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Starting date: Mar.2014

Ending Date: Feb.2017


Our Heritage, Our Future - the promotion of the teaching of musical heritage as a vehicle for social change

Oikos, in partnership with Patrimonio, Comunidad y Medio Ambiente (a non-profit Cuban association) and the Spanish university Universidad de Valladolid, is developing a new project, in Cuba, by strengthening and disseminating the teaching of patrimonial music, assuring that new generations have greater access to culture and the conservation of its heritage values as a transforming agent with an emphasis on local human development.


Music is perhaps one of the elements that most joins the different population groups. However, beyond music consumption, an education that enables to highlight the heritage values of music in Cuba would contribute to the integral formation of individuals able to take ownership of culture in all its "edges".


In this way, this project believes that through patrimonial education - emerging discipline that instead of approaching the traditional analysis of the asset object, is based on the integration of different disciplines – it will be enabled a full understanding of culture.


The proposed activities will be implemented as a pilot project in Havana, and then then it will be expanded nationally with the support of the European Union (EU)


With a 36 months period, the project will be implemented in the City of Havana, Historical Center of Old Havana and Remedios, Sancti Spiritus, Trinidad, Camaguey, Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa cities - inserted in the Network Office of the Historian and Conservative Cities of Cuba (OHC Network). The project is funded by the European Commission.



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