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Nº of Beneficiares: 35.590 people 

Starting date: Mar.2013

Ending date: Oct.2014


Healthcare Improvement in Stomatology in the Municipality of Guama (2010-2013)

Improving specialized care, ensuring a better quality of life for the rural population.

Oikos, in partnership with the Dirección Provincial de Salud and MINSAP, is developing a new project in Cuba that aims to improve the condition of patients and to ensure a better quality of life for the rural communities of the Municipality of Guama by improving stomatology and specialized care (paediatric care, obstetric care, internal medicine, ophthalmology, rehabilitation, clinical laboratory, oncology, geriatrics and nephrology) and dental for, provide care and treatment.


The project covers the entire municipality of Guama (about 179 km long), Santiago de Cuba Province. Terrestrial communications in this city are difficult, and sometimes it becomes impossible to access Guama with conventional vehicles. Many rivers and streams flow through the region, which makes it even more difficult to access during the rainy season. Improving the city's Stomatology Health Care System establishes the basis of full medical care to individuals, families, and communities in promoting and preventing diseases.


The implementation of this project will benefit directly the municipality's resident population ( regardless of age or gender) that at some point in their life exhibit a condition that requires medical and stomatology assistance.


By increasing the range of medical and stomatology care, and other specialized care services ( where agility and speed of action plays a key role and a proven need) it is expected to increase the rural population's satisfaction and quality of life regarding health and dental care.


With the period of 1 year, this project was funded by the Japanese Embassy in Cuba.


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