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Starting date: Mar.2014

Ending date: Feb.2017


Break the vicious cycle of the stigma, discrimination and violation of the Human Rights that people living with HIV/AIDS in northern Honduras suffer

This project's main goal is to build knowledge, skills and opportunities for a bigger and effective participation, role and influence of the civil society, of the young adults in general and women living with HIV/AIDS, in the defence and promotion of the Human Rights (HR) and conceiving and implementing a public policy and strategies to reduce the stigma of the discrimination they suffer.


The HR principles, described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, mentions the right to live a life free of discrimination by any reason, including the state of health one find themselves in, that includes the disease of HIV/AIDS. People living with HIV/AIDS have to face a forever altered way of living, due to their health conditions.


Discrimination, caused by the stigma aggravates that situation and violates the Human Rights Declaration, a factor that expresses limitations accessing the adequate health services required. This action, proposed, aims to brake that vicious cycle between the stigma, discrimination and violation of these people's Human Rights, in 3 municipalities located in northern Honduras.


Through proposed activities and actions, we expect to contribute to the strengthening of the institutional and organisational capacities of all the institutions involved, and already developed projects with women, to contribute of lowering the stigma and discrimination by increasing the levels of advocacy and policy dialogue between the people living with HIV/AIDS, as an active part of a civil society.


With the European Comission's co-funding, this project is conducted in partnership with the Fundación Llanto, Valor y Esfuerzo (LLAVES) and it will be held in the municipalities of Tela, Atlantida Department; El Progresso, Yoro Department; and Puerto Cortés, Cortés Department.


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