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Nº of Beneficiaries: 410 people

Starting date: Apr.2009

Ending date: Dec.2015


Constructing and equipping the Psychopedagogical Medical Center No. 5

Oikos is undertaking a project to recuperate a psycho-pedagogical centre in Cuba.


The centre is a benchmark in Cuba’s capital, Havana, providing severely physically and mentally handicapped individuals with treatment and education adapted to each person’s particular characteristics. However, the basic infrastructure has become badly run down over the years and there are architectural barriers that are totally unsuitable for the specific needs of the patients. A number of partial repairs have been undertaken but the equipment is obsolete and in poor condition, and the state of the building is such that the required safety and quality can no longer be guaranteed.


In view of all the structural limitations, the decision was taken to build a new building from scratch and to re-equip it.


The new building will have a constructed area of 7,430m2 and a residential capacity for 186 patients in addition to an outpatient facility. Specific areas will be set aside for education and treatment (with physiotherapy, psycho-pedagogy and labour education rooms, an infirmary and a pharmacy) and for educational/recreational activities, green spaces and auxiliary services (laundry, seamstress, kitchen, dietetics, etc.). The centre will also be a leading facility in terms of psycho-pedagogical monitoring and training for Cuba and other countries in the region.


Altogether, the project will benefit 452 people daily. Oikos will be working in conjunction with the religious order “Hijas de la caridad de San Vicente de Paul”, the Ministry of Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration (MINVEC) and the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP).


Joint Sponsors:

» Qatar; Grupo GBM; Sucres & Denrees; ONG "Wings of Support"; TUSA S.A.; Cruz Roja del Mónaco; Consorcio Industrial Vasco; Novartis; Omega Ultramar; Vaticano; Embaixada do Japão em Cuba; Ordem Religiosa das "Hijas de la caridad de San Vicente de Paul"; Prima Ballerina Absoluta de Cuba, Alicia Alonso; Virgin Atlantic Airways.



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