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Nº of beneficiaries: 25.187 pessoas

Starting date: Feb.2011

Ending date: Sep.2015


Agroenergy - Promotion of agro-energy integrals agricultural cooperatives to contribute to sustainable development in rural areas of Cuba

Due to its lack of domestic resources, Cuba’s energy dependence accounts for over 50% of its budget, so one of the country’s priorities is to seek and exploit non-conventional energy sources.

In addressing Cuba’s needs, the major goal of this project is to promote the increased use and diversification of renewable energy sources and contribute to energy sustainability in rural areas by creating self-sufficient agro-energy farms.

Agro-energy, which uses innovative technological solutions to transform farm crops into energy, will thus be promoted.
This project will be a pilot experiment in which energy sustainable agro-forest models will be encouraged, showing that local technological alternatives for converting farmland biomass into energy are economically, socially and environmentally efficacious in improving living conditions in rural areas.

The development and adoption of energy technologies and infrastructure aimed at diversifying and decentralising energy sources will be promoted by resorting to a combination of available technology and innovation. The bases of the project were identified from the positive results seen at major research centres, both Cuban and international, in respect of the sustainable production of biofuels using crops of inedible oleaginous plants (Jatropha Curcas L.) and the transformation of biomass into energy, especially biogas.

This project directly benefits 1,020 people from 7 cooperatives in the municipality of Martí, which will serve as multipliers, reaching a total of 25,187 people living in the region. Co-financed by the European Commission, the project is being undertaken in partnership with the organisations: Associación Nacional de Agricultores Pequeños (ANAP); and Estación Experimental de Pastos e Forrajes "Indio Hatuey".


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