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Nº of Beneficiaries: 28.000 people

Starting date: Feb.2011

Ending date: Aug.2012


Municipal institutional strengthening to promote sustainable development in Pespire (2011-2012)

This project follows on from a previous initiative undertaken by Oikos in this municipality and seeks to collaborate in the boosting of the technical and operational capacity of the Pespire Municipal Government to act as the promoter of development and to improve the services available to the community.

Following on, again, from the previous work undertaken, the intention is to contribute to good environmental management in the municipality and to encourage more involvement by civilian society in the decisions taken by the local authority. It is hoped that this will help reduce poverty through sustainable development.


The capacity boosting initiative will benefit 766 people, including local government workers – especially those who have a direct relationship to the community and work in the administrative, financial and environmental sectors – and representatives and members of local organisations and associations.

Subsequently, the 28,000 inhabitants of the municipality of Pespire will also benefit.

Co-financed by the European Commission, the project is being undertaken in partnership with the Pespire Municipal Council (consortium leader); and the Asociación de Desarrollo Pespirense (ADEPES).


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