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Nº of Beneficiaries: 1.290 people

Starting date: Mar.2010

Ending date: Feb.2013


Economic and social inclusion of the indigenous population in the Department of Yoro Tolupan (2010-2013)

The main goals of this Oikos-partnered project in Honduras is to help boost the capacities and participation of the Association of Indigenous Producers of the Municipality of Yoro (APROINY), promoting the economic and social integration of the indigenous peoples and increasing the sustainable use of natural resources.


The food, economic and social vulnerability rates of the 58 Tolupan communities in the municipalities of Yoro and Yorito are very high, and the figures for exclusion and poverty are cause for concern.


The situation is aggravated bythe technological lag, which limits crop and livestock production, and land possession systems that are still governed by a regime of high concentration and, additionally, by high levels of malnutrition, insalubrity, lack of housing and unemployment.


In an effort to change this reality, a trade organisation called the Association of Indigenous Producers of Yoro (APROINY) was founded, comprising member enterprises working jointly for the common good. The association acknowledges the current problematic circumstances and is seeking alternative solutions by providing support for the indigenous producers and creating interrelationships with local authorities and other institutions with similar goals.


The intention is to support the strengthening of associational activity in Yoro and the increase of influence/advocacy at local level. The action undertaken is geared towards increasing the business management capacity of the APROINY leadership and its capacity to formulate and manage projects. This will allow the producers to take a more able stance in the processes to market occasional excess stocks of produce.


This project is benefiting 1,290 indigenous producers. Co-financed by the European Commission, it is being undertaken in partnership with the ICADE - Instituto para la Cooperación y el Autodesarrollo (consortium leader).



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