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Nº of Beneficiaries: 505 families

Starting date: Feb.2009

Ending date: Mar.2012


Implementation of certification systems for small prawn and shellfish producers and fishermen (2009-2012)

This project aims to support income generating activities in the Pacific Coast region, specifically in the Departments of Chinandega, Managua and Rivas, in Nicaragua, contributing to the economic development and improved living conditions for the people who live there.


Targeting the fishing, prawn and shellfish farming sectors, the project focuses mainly on strengthening groups and associations of ground-level producers by promoting their technical and managerial capacities, leading to better access to the market for their products. Those benefiting will thus gain the knowledge and necessary tools to manage the quality and certification of their products in accordance with the new national and international norms, increasing the profitability of their economic activity.


The competitiveness of the small and medium sized fishing and aquaculture businesses will be boosted, the quality of their products will be improved and influence will be brought to bear on decision makers in the sectoral milieu. Specifically, it will become possible for small and medium sized fishing and prawn farming businesses to have their processes and products certified through the introduction of improvements to the current fishing techniques (very traditional) and the application of quality and innocuousness systems, which will increase competitiveness and the response to demand.


The project is benefiting some 505 families.


Co-financed by the European Commission and the IPAD (Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento - Portuguese Development Support Institute), it is being undertaken in partnership with the organisations: CIDEA – UCA Centro de Investigación de Ecosistemas Acuáticos, Universidad Centroamericana (consortium leader); INPESCA (Instituto Nicaragüense de la Pesca y Acuicultura); and IPIMAR (Instituto Português das Pescas, Investigação e do Mar – the Portuguese Fisheries, Research and Maritime Institute).


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