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Nº of Beneficiaries: 480 people

Starting date: Aug.2009

Ending date: Feb.2012


Establishment of a decentralized participatory system of planning and management and transparent development plans in the Cañete River Basin (2009-2012)

The River Cañete Basin has a population of 79,200 inhabitants spread over 33 districts in the province of Yauyos and 6 districts in the province of Cañete. A number of studies indicate high levels of poverty, malnutrition, water shortages, and a lack of electricity and sanitation.
The earthquake which affected the region in August 2007 aggravated the circumstances of poverty and social exclusion. One of the goals of the project is to contribute towards a progressive move from a post-emergency reconstruction phase to a greater stabilisation of the social and economic situation with a reduction in poverty.


If the current reality is to be changed there must be more local participation in the development processes to provide support for effective, transparent, joint planning – on the part of local government institutions, companies and civilian society too.


Hands-on workshops, training sessions and courses are just a few of the strategies employed to ensure that different social players are actually involved in the local management processes through the boosting of their capacities and awareness, in an effort geared towards continuous sustainable development.


This project is bringing direct benefits to 480 people.


Co-financed by the Generalitat Valenciana, it is being undertaken in partnership with Municipalistas por la Solidaridad y el Fortalecimiento Institucional - MUSOL; Taller de Promoción Andina - TADEPA; and the Tarragon Municipal Council.


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