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Project in Mozambique


Beneficiaries: 978 families, 450 children

Starting date: Jul.2007

Ending date: Feb.2011


Strengthening Food Safety in the context of HIV / AIDS in Motaze- Sekeleka Motaze Stage IV (2007-2011)

Oikos act in the Magude district, Mozambique, since 2002. In a logic of sustainable and continuous development, OIKOS has implemented many projects in this area with the main aim of minimizing the effects felt by HIV / AIDS by strengthening the food security of poor rural households in the region.


With a population of about 62,000 inhabitants, the district of Magude reveals a number of problems, with high rates of poverty. In addition, there is a high and growing level of prevalence of HIV / AIDS, which further aggravates the already existing poverty. The impact of the disease and the problem of food insecurity leads to a transversal phenomenon: families headed by widows and with a high number of orphaned children, and families with HIV-positive members. In order to minimize these effects Oikos aims, through this project, to integrate families affected by HIV / AIDS in a number of activities to increase its production capacity and yield.


The project also offers workshops on awareness and education dedicated to people directly or indirectly affected by HIV / AIDS. Training in technical theater and cooperative games are examples of initiatives developed for this purpose.


With funding from the IPAD (portuguese acronym for Portuguese Institute for Development Support) and the British NGO CAFOD (Catholic Overseas Development Agency), the project has received about 1,500 families from the Motaze Region, Magude District.


Some activities implemented with this project


»Technical assistance to crops.

»Training in management, legalization and sustainability of peasant associations.

»Provide assistance to existing associations of artisans through training in management of small projects, planning and marketing.

»Creation of a fund to encourage entrepreneurship.

»Support to build filters for water purification at the household level.

»Promotion of housing improvements.

»Streamline the support of local structures (formal and communitarian / traditional) to support orphans in access to essential health services and education


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