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Project in Peru


Beneficiaries: 2.063 people

Starting date: May 2008

Ending date: Dec.2010


Integral development Program for a internal immigrant community: Santa Clara Country House, Peru (2008-2010)

Running through late 2010, this development project aimed to improve the living conditions of the population of Santa Clara, one of the poorest neighborhoods of the Pítipo District, in Peru. The families have substantially improved their economic conditions and now have access to adequate and quality health and education.


The majority of the population of this community migrated in 1995 from mountainous areas to this coastal area in search of better living conditions. However, the lack of basic services and the scarcity of water resources hindered their growth and human development.


The project was structured in three major pillars: Agriculture-livestock and Environment; Health and Education. It was achieved the improvement on the nutrition and household food security, either with a proper farming production, whether with a good management of water resources. The protection of the environment, ecosystem preservation and reforestation were also pivotal points in this project.


In terms of health, a health clinic was built and the network of existing health workers in the community was strengthened. Finally, in what concerns education, a complete refurbishment was made and substantial expansion in the elementary school community infrastructures. The new classrooms also allowed adult literacy, including old age people.


Main activities:


» Construction of a primary health center in Santa Clara.

» Strengthening and enabling a local pro-health committee.

» Formative health itinerary directed to the families of the community.



» Construction of a school building for kindergarten, primary and secondary teaching; playground space, sanitary and seal.

» Refresher training and modern techniques courses for the teachers in the community and area.

» Creation and training of a pro-education committee. Empowerment of families in the community in the early childhood education.

» Adult literacy courses.


Agriculture-livestock - Environment:

»Improvement of production and respect for traditional crops.

»Introduction and promotion of crops nutritionally richer as well as trees for reforestation.

»Construction and implementation of an irrigation system.


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