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This Humanitarian Action Project had as a purpose to diminish the efects of the Tropical Depression 16 on the Valle and Choluteca Districts. The actions developed aimed to restore the life conditions of 21 affected comunities.


In order to do so, 481 families regain access to clean water; 608 families restart the agricultural production; 10 communities regain access to services and potencial income sources; and 32 houses were rehabilitated according to emergency standards.

Reinforcing de municipal institucional capacity to promote a bigger development and improve the services to the community.

Building knowledge, skills and opportunities for a bigger and effective participation, role and influence of the civil society, of the young adults in general and women living with HIV/AIDS.

With the creation of micro-industries in the food sector, the project aims to reduce poverty by increasing household income in the communities with the development of new business activities that had not been explored, and that can generate revenues and more sustainable jobs.


In this sense, these "new business" are seeking to develop rational management of natural resources, as well as alternative crops. The "productive chains and sustainable management of natural Pespire" project also has a strong environmental component. From environmental education campaigns for the population to urban sanitation activities and placement of various trash bins across the County. The activity of greater impact is the construction of a landfill for proper waste disposal, so as to minimize the impact of rural and urban environmental contamination in that region.


It was also created in conjunction with the County, the "UMA" (portuguese acronym) - Municipal Environmental Unit. This Unit is responsible for various activities that encourage good management and rational use of natural resources in the county. Among many other activities, UMA encourages organized garbage collection in the beneficiary communities, giving all the logistical support and free hoes, wheelbarrows and drums requisitions for larger collections.

Reduce child mortality and morbidity associated with respiratory diseases caused by high levels of air contamination.

Projects in Partnership with local Organizations locais at Honduras, particularly on the Garífona community (african descendents)


Start date: 1994

End date: 1996

Help boost the capacities and participation of the Association of Indigenous Producers of the Municipality of Yoro.


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