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Promote a better standard of living for poor rural families by increasing the revenue of small farmers in the areas covered, and subsequently strengthening of local social players.

To improve the response capacity to natural disasters that affect the coastal communities in the Nampula area through the protection of food stocks, water sources and housing.

Rural households in the districts of Morrumbala and Muturara rely almost exclusively on subsistence agriculture for their survival. The loss of livelihoods in the context of displacement due to floods had a particular impact on the vulnerability of women and girls to trafficking, labor migration and prostitution, since they had to travel great distances to grind corn or even to work in land where the family was settled previously. Thus, this project aimed Empowerment of women and their living conditions, particularly in agriculture, in order to reduce the risk of trafficking. For this, the actions sought to improve agricultural production and other income-generating capabilities and time-saving for the women affected by the floods, in order to reduce their vulnerability and promote sustainable improvements in living conditions in general in the resettlement areas.

Contribuir para o aprimoramento da resiliência ao desastre nas províncias de Nampula e Zambezia.

The goal of this project is to increase small producers’ income through the adoption of methods of production and entrepreneurship which respond to local and regional market.

Contribuir para a recuperação e a resiliência de 7 distritos após as inundações de 2015.

Contribuir para o aumento da resiliência de Moçambique face aos impactes das alterações climáticas.

Minimization of impact of natural disasters in the communities of the coastal region of Nampula affecting their efforts of development.

Facilitar o acesso à agua potável às comunidades e consciencializar as mesmas para a necessidade de consumirem diariamente água potável e de manterem o ambiente saudável em torno dos pontos de água como forma de minimizar doenças derivadas do consumo da água não potável.

Diminuir o impacto de desastres naturais através do melhoramento da segurança alimentar com a produção de alimentos diversas vezes ao ano e a protecção de reservas.

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