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Youth Encounter in Alcoutim mark closure project "Documentary Film MDGs".

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 17:12
Alcoutim will never be the same. At least in the minds and hearts of all who participated in the Iberian Meeting of young people held on days 1, 2 and 3 March which marked the end of the project "Documentary Film MDGs", a project of Education for Global Citizenship about the Millennium Development Goals developed by Oikos and the Spanish NGO CIC-Batá.

There were about 60 young Andalusians and Portuguese who responded positively to the challenge issued by both NGOs and participated in a moment of sharing, discussion, reflection and learning about the role of youth in the struggle for a more just world and for the promotion of Millennium Development Goals.


The meeting started on day 1, with the trip and the usual host of sessions and presentation of participants. However, the high point of the first day was the participation of young people in the social gathering called "Friday Night Word" in the Municipal Library of Alcoutim (House of the Counts), in which they could present their own ideas and ther MDGs themselves through the presentation of microfilms created under the Young Documentary Film Competition.


Saturday was the day most complete and challenging. Participants rose early and divided by five workshops that were a bit all over the village. In these workshops, young people had the opportunity to work with different art forms as vehicles of communication and awareness on the MDGs. Participants were appropriately framed and supported by 4 trainers from Alcoutim Vitor Teixeira(audiovisual), Francisco Brás (Theater), Carlos Luz (Painting) and Irma Lopes (Corporal Expression) and a Mexican, Eric Daniel Sanchez, (accompanied by other members of the Orchestra Mitote), and prepared artistic presentations focused on the MDGs, that were presented that night at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in a show opened to the entire community.


Sunday was a day of return for participants, but not before a busy and fun session of activity and project evaluation. In the end the sadness of farewell was tempered by the promise of, whenever possible, continue to work and reflect together. For a better world.

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