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Starting Date: Mar.2017

Ending date: Feb.2020


Promoting a green municipality with participatory and inclusive public management in San Pedro de Lóvago.

The municipality of San Pedro de Lóvago is committed in its strategic plan to guarantee future generations a clean and safe environment and to pursue integral human development, seeking sustainability in all its aspects.


This project is intended to contribute to this strategy. It focuses on the application of a local development process that seeks to promote the transparent management of the municipality, based on the participation of citizens and social co-management, which contributes to social welfare and the construction of an environmentally sustainable municipality. The project will allow the construction of future scenarios so that the municipal government can adopt strategies that promote the development of the municipality in harmony with the preservation of natural resources, involving beneficiaries and actors in protecting them, generating important knowledge, means and resources to function correctly. and improve the environmental conditions of the municipality and the communities.

This process aims to contribute to the construction of a sustainable and socially inclusive green municipality, reducing vulnerability in San Pedro de Lóvago.


Expected results:

The municipality of San Pedro de Lóvago has capacities for the implementation of transparent and participatory public management based on alternative environmental models;

Strengthened the articulation and active participation in areas of consensus of the citizenship, focusing on the improvement of public management;

Implemented integral environmental management models, for the protection and efficient use of natural resources.


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