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Strengthened rural development in Mozambique

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 09:48

We can already count several and significant achievements in Cape Delgado, and a great will that does not weaken Oikos' commitment with the Mozambican government: promoting rural development in this region. There is the need to increase production and productivity - primarily by implementing improved technologies, or by using fertilizers and pesticides. The goal is to keep producing more and more according to the market: it is crucial to produce what has higher demand.

In Balama, the work of Oikos' technical team is focused on enabling the placement of products on the market. There is good information sharing between Oikos and the District Services of Economic Activities (Serviços Distritais de Actividades Económicas - SDAE) and the producers are already receiving a fairer price for their products.


In the 1º de Maio Association in Nacaca, corn selling already takes into account the calculation of the equilibrium price for the market, this prevents that small farmers sell their crops at prices below the cost price. Association members want to increase their productivity and are willing to diversify their production, therefore reducing the risk of becoming dependent on just one or two products.




The two images above show new product conservation techniques used by the Ophavela Association. The use of dryers (pictured left) and barns (right photo) allow producers to store grain that will be sold at a time when prices are more favourable to them. Thus, it increases the income of the holder which allows improving living conditions for the community.

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We also need to underline the great and positive impact that the use of the community radio "Community Multimedia Centre Mpharam" has in the dissemination of information to (and for) the markets. The goal is also to promote a larger radio interaction with local traders and local producers - such as interviews – that will be broadcasted. By doing so, all parts involved will benefit from more information and market knowledge.


Credibility has been an important topic in discussion in formations with the associations above. In the Ophavela Association in Chuire, for example, there is a need for legalization with the government authorities, to allow the association to have access to credit lines. The establishment of a certain criteria to be met when asking for a credit line is an excellent tool to measure progress to this level.


These are some examples of the direct work of Oikos with over 170 Farmers Associations that will improve the quality of life of poor rural families by increased farm income of small producers. There is still a lot of work ahead in training and development of all these Associations producers in Cape Delgado, but we believe that sustainable development in this region will be effective and lasting.





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