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UNDEF suports Oikos to work on Food Security in Central America

Friday, 09 January 2015 17:03

The project "Empowerment and participation of civil society in Central America for the dialogue on the Right to Food" will be implemented with funding support from the U.N. Democracy Fund that will definitely help the to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations of producers and consumers in 5 Central American countries to be able to increase awareness and develop proposals to the Governments on the right to food.

The project is part of a programme and focuses on the problem of food insecurity in Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica), where half of the population lives in poverty and the percentage of undernourishment is double the Latin American average - clear signs of the inefficiency of existing public policies, lack of capacity among civil society to demand their human right to food (HRF) and to propose solutions to decision-making bodies, and lack of awareness/interest of central authorities to deal with the problem.


62 Central American organizations are committed to working and promoting solidarity economy, food sovereignty, and responsible consumerism, have formed an Alliance in each country with a common commitment: Improvement of the food security and the achievement of the human right to food for all Central American people, especially the most vulnerable, through the participation of civil society in the improvement and monitoring of national and regional policies (Overall development goal).


Therefore, based on these recently formed National Alliances, and their member organizations, the project’s objective is to strengthen the capacity of civil society in Central America to promote, in partnership with other stakeholders and marginalized groups, national and regional policies for the improvement of access to the right to food.


  This will be done by strengthening the capacities of the 5 National Alliances, and their member organizations (current and future), as well as establishing a Regional Alliance. Each of the 6 Alliances (5 National and 1 Regional) will be able to develop policy proposals, prepare advocacy documents, raise awareness among the public at large, establish synergies with other actors and vulnerable groups, and ultimately mobilize the political will of Governments and decision makers on HRF for effective participation in decision-making on the Right to Food in each country and at a regional level. The principal strategy is centered on the empowerment and strengthening of these Alliances, as social and political subjects in order to promote the HRF during and after the project. 


The project will be implemented by a consortium formed of the Central American organizations: MTC, Guatemala; RED COMAL, Honduras; CDC, El Salvador; FEMUPROCAN, Nicaragua; CMC, Costa Rica; CONSUMERS INTERNATIONAL, England; and coordinated by the Portuguese NGO 'OIKOS Cooperação e Desenvolvimento'.


• Project duration: 24 months (January 2015 to December 2016)

• UNDEF support: US$ 250.000,00

See the Project:


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