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Oikos’ work in Portugal essentially revolves around three major themes related to Global Citizenship: “Education for Global Citizenship”; partnerships to promote the “Common good”; and “Public Influence”.


The primary goal of the projects being undertaken is to eradicate poverty and reduce economic asymmetry and the inequality of knowledge, since these are more than sufficient reasons, in our opinion, to mobilise every citizen. Thus, Oikos believes that the individual and collective effort to achieve a social order which contributes to the elimination of poverty, exclusion and social inequality should focus on the sphere of active citizenship.

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    Pretende-se aumentar a atenção e a capacidade de resposta da sociedade civil portuguesa face aos Objectivos do Desenvolvimento, sensibilizando os decisores para a adoção de políticas concordantes com a nova agenda de desenvolvimento: "Transformando o Nosso Mudo-a Agenda 2030 para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável"

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Oikos - Cooperação e Desenvolvimento

Address: Rua Visconde Moreira de Rey, 37 Linda-a-Pastora2790-447 Queijas, Oeiras - Portugal
Tel.: +351 21 882 3630
Fax: +351 21 882 3635


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We work with communities in poorer countries and regions, promoting public health, food, water, sanitation and education.

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