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Nº de Beneficiários: 4.123 pessoas

Data de Início: Mai.2014

Data de fim: Nov.2015


The main purpose of this project is to contribute to reduce the impact of natural and man-made disasters threatening the population in some of the most vulnerable settlements of 4 municipalities in the Caribbean Coast (Cruz de Río Grande, Tortuguero, Laguna de Perlas y Desembocadura) and 17 communities (about 22.000 people).


The major hazards threatening them are hurricanes, floods, strong winds and violence (OSV). The population of these areas is characterized by 70% of poverty, isolation and limited/null access to services.


The proposed actions responds to these needs by working in the preparation of response structures for adequate response and mitigation at community, municipal and national level, and by emphasizing the need of adaptation and resilience. Particular attention will be given to the cultural backgrounds in the area, as cultural adaptation of actions plays an important role in the understanding, acceptance and incorporation of processes.


Expected results are: communities and response structures at local and municipal level are organized, trained, equipped and able to coordinate effectively in case of a disaster; strengthened awareness and enhanced capacities among institutions, communities and households to protect and preserve livelihoods; 9 School in 3 municipal capitals and 6 communities are prepared to act in case of disaster; contribute to disaster preparation and awareness raising; and the Integrated Risk Management SINAPRED national capabilities are fortified.


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